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Sahfire, In my state, the form was online. You also may want to contact your local city clerk's office to see if you need a business license. We do not in my city they don't have business licenses. Just a state tax ID.

Also, I'm assuming you're in the U. Some states require it just to sell; most do not. But if you want to have employees you'll need one. Both forms are 'free' it means you'll be legit and being legit means more taxes since it's easy to stay under the radar with simple eBay selling and stuff.

The main thing is that when you search for a sales tax ID for your state to NOT pay some site--they just take the forms from your state's site or if not online, they just scan it. Don't pay for one Berk LLC, I absolutely agree with you. Some items are marked up in HUGE amounts.

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It is one way sometimes to see what you can sell competitively. My brother owns a large private health club. He clearly is buying much less product than a big national chain that starts with a G and ends with the letter before D. Anyway, he undercuts them by quite a bit.

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The problem is that people want their supplements from a company with a reputation Oh well. While I could agree A little on the big chains buying power direct form manufacturers.

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You have to know a bit about how the manufactureres work. While they can say they buy direct from manufacturers they cannot do it with all of them due to the high amount of items they sell. Most manufacturers only deal thier wares through distribution chains. This keeps the manufacturers of having to pay for extra costs incured with a distribution of thier products and storage of stockpiles of product waiting to be sent to retail chains. Distributers can unload massive amounts of product for the manufacturers in a small time.

Saving the manufacturers millions annually. Wal-mart has its own distribution warehouse. Ok now the question is who delivers all those products to the distribution facilities? How much labor and cost do you expect the worlds cheapest retaile is willing to spend. To have thousands of manufacturers deliver 60, individuall product lines to thier distribution centers across america?

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Thats a very very high overhead. Now consider how much cheaper it is to have national and overseas distributers that already have and store these products in their warehouses. My wife has worked for samsclub part time for 5 years and one of her friends manages the electronics and housewares departments. She stated that they get the majority of thier electronics from ingram mico and dbl distributing.

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I would take the word of an employee that manages that stuff over what a simple buyer thinks. She also states that all the local retailers including best buy and circuit city recieve shipments off of the same trucks. Im not saying they get everything electonic from dbl or ingram.

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But it is true that these retailers are supplied by these companies. Now as far as profit margins are concerned. We all know that Electronics retailers blow the prices through the roof on sales. I about spit out a few teeth when I saw them. But were all here for real prices we can sell products on the internet. Not to worry about a market that will doom itself if it cannot compete with the internet.

They are already quoting billions of lost dollars due to internet sales and ebay. Posts: 1 Joined: 25 Aug 06 Karma:. Okay, so eBay is not the marketplace for wholesale purchases. Where do I sell these products. Do I need my own website or is Amazon or others a good marketplace? Please help! Posts: 4 Joined: 18 Jun 07 Karma:. The information provided on this website is not advice, endorsement or recommendation The information published is supplied by third parties so we make no warranty on the accuracy, completeness etc. This information is provided "as-is".

The information is subject to change as we obtain updates and corrections from the primary information sources.

You are free to use the information for your own personal research on the understanding to do so is at your own risk. Yesterday after work your invoice was in my mailbox. Tomorrow I would have had an appointment with the representative of another wholesale company. I canceled it! Every time you guys pick up another brand we like to carry, we get more excited. For the past month or so, we have placed all of our orders exclusively through you!

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